“Águia Florestal” is a wooden planting and industrialization company that for more than 40 years is acting sustainably in the region of Campos Gerais, in Paraná, managing its forests correctly and acting in local communities through social and environmental programs. With these principles, its grown and solidified in the region and in the world, exporting its products to several countries.

“Águia Florestal” operates in the international Market


In 1974, pine plantation was began in the region of “Campos Gerais”, more specifically in the city of “Ipiranga”, then continues in the region of “Itaiacoca”, Ponta Grossa’s District. Without stopping to plant (pine). With forests coming into harvest stage, the “Águia” group has started the industrialization of the raw material, thus “Águia Florestal Indústria de Madeiras Ltda” was born in 11/11/1992.
Its activities range from the production of seedlings to the final industrialization of wood, this vertical integration allows the company to offer quality assurance and security to its customers with delivery guarantee and total control of the process.

“Águia Florestal” operates in the international Market, exporting its products to different countries such as: USA, Japan, Korea, Spain, South Africa, to the manufacture of furniture, houses, packages, etc. Also operates in the national market selling logs, lumber wood and other milled wood.